Law #1 - Hiring An Expert

It is a fact that an average agent in the United States sell less than 6 properties per year. When you are looking for an expert, like an eye surgeon, would you want want someone who has done Lasik six times or someone who has done hundreds of procedures? Experience and repetition is the mother of skill.

Seven Tips to Selling Your Home For Top Dollar

When customers are in the market to purchase a home they have a certain level of expectations and as a seller it your job to exceed those expectations. As a seller your home needs to appeal to the mass audience and your comprehension of what buyer want in today’s real estate market is critical to a successful transaction. There are seven key points to selling your home for top dollar that I will share.

Pricing Your Property To Sell

The most expensive listing on Fort Myers Beach that sold so far in December 2010 sold for 89% of the list price. This was not a transaction I was personally involved with, but knowing this single fact poses a  significant question.  Was the property overpriced to start with?

Tips to Get it SOLD!

When selling your home you only have one opportunity to make a grand and lasting impression. Whether it is a real estate professional or potential buyer, this first impression on your home's condition will determine if and when your home will sell. The two fixed constants of a property is first impressions and location. The two variables in selling a home is marketing and price. An agent can put forth and extensive marketing budget and execute a strategy that includes a virtual tour, personalized property website, internet marketing and print, but if the property does not show better than comparable properties on the market, the strategy may fail.

My Home Has Not Sold, What is Wrong with the Market?

Even though the real estate market is “bad”, homes are selling; maybe not at the rate they were four years ago, but there are traditional sales happening around us every single day.  So why is it that your home is not selling? I believe that there are four key dynamics that keep homes from selling in any market.