The ART of Creating A Real Estate Deal – I have what it takes

I was a real estate investor for 10 years and a Realtor for four years. Why did I get into real estate? My main motivation was to help real estate investors find great real estate deals and close them. The most exciting part of any real estate transaction to me is putting together the art of the real estate deal. So, this is still my main motivation when it comes to working with real estate investors. The number #1 need for real estate investors from a Realtor is on how to determine a good deal. Then, the real estate investor needs assistance in structuring and closing the deal. The money is made at the close of escrow. That is what I learned from 10 years of investing. I have always said "Deals do not come to you. Great Realtors create deals."

Here are my sources for finding great real estate deals for my investors

Florida Trustee Sales

Florida Multiple Listing Service


Other real estate investors



Personal web sites


Toll free numbers

Social media

Whether you are purchasing real estate for your personal use, looking to find a great vacation rental or looking to buy distressed properties and sell them for maximum profit my vast experience and knowledge of the Florida real estate market will give you an edge in making a wise and profitable investment. Sign up for my monthly investor’s newsletter by emailing me at