Introducing High Performing Homes

High performing homes are becoming both more popular and affordable. With increased technology in both manufacturing and construction some production builders are offering some great options that increase the homes performance, energy efficiency and resale value. From energy efficient floor plan design, resource and water conservation, solar thermal technology and environmenal impact the high perforrming home will continue to evolve.

When considering making improvements to your current home take a look at high performing home options. If you need to replace a hot water heater there are many options; from tankless to solar with both being better on energy conservation, water conservation and high performing solutions. If you are looking to replace appliances in the home there are several websites that can outline the Energy Star ratings on them for the most efficient models.

Although many of the higher performing options (appliances, flooring, counter tops, water heaters, etc.) may not be the most inexpensive option to purchase they will save money in the long run. Typically these savings come from lower utility bills, both water and electricity. Some options like solar energy is becoming very popular and more inexpensive with some great government incentives in the form of rebates.

It was interesting to discover that in European countries homes have an energy efficiency rating on them at the point of sale. Some of these homes are very old but with some smart upgrades meet the requirements for these homes. I believe that we are not too far behind in this process.