Law #1 - Hiring An Expert

It is a fact that an average agent in the United States sell less than 6 properties per year. When you are looking for an expert, like an eye surgeon, would you want want someone who has done Lasik six times or someone who has done hundreds of procedures? Experience and repetition is the mother of skill.

There are over 80 differentials that need to be considered when selling a home in our local market today. Having an experience agent or team of agents is critical. Having the right level of experience will save you time and money. This experience will show in their ability to effectively market your property and effectively negotiate in your favor.

One question you should ask an agent when interviewing them is asking them how many personal transactions have they closed in the past 12 months and how many has their team closed. When you are working with a team that does more transactions, experience shows that they have encountered challenges and roadblocks within the transaction that they have been able to overcome. This will be important in getting your home sold.