The Making of a Great Deal with a Great Competent Agent

Getting more for your money in today’s real estate market is important. With multiple offers on most foreclosure listings and time ticking away with short sales, how can someone compete and get a great deal.

With technology where it is at and most properties on the internet today what does your buyer agent offer you? For my customers it is the ability to effectively negotiate the contract and ensure a smooth closing process. With several certifications in negotiations this is where I make the biggest impact for my buyers and sellers. I have put down a few thoughts for you regarding buying a property.

1.      How much experience does your agent have in negotiating contracts?

2.      How much has the agent saved their buyers off the “original list price” and do they have documentation. For me it is over 10% - and yes I have documentation.

3.      What formal certifications in negotiating does your agent have? Not having the right experience and education can cost you that dream house.

4.      Do they understand Right Offer Pricing matrix? This is a formula that I developed utilizing sold, pending and active data along with absorption rate. It allows my buyers to understand the direction of the market and how much a property is truly worth.

5.      Is the agent up on the latest technology? Many contracts are submitted electronically and having a paperless system gets your contract front and center the fastest. This could be the difference of being first or last in a multiple offer situation.

If you are looking to purchase a property make sure you have the very best representing you. Even though the professional fees are paid for by the seller in most transactions, you should interview your agent because they are playing ball with your pocket book.